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Want your brand to be showcased to visitors of RaffleMiner.com? We are a $NANO focused cryptocurrency site that people visit because they want free crypto. Your ad will be displayed prominently on the main page

How it works...

We have 5 ad slots available that can be reserved on a weekly basis. The ad week runs Sunday through Saturday. When your ad is active it will be displayed on 20% of the page loads.


An ad slot is available for 1 $NANO per week. You may reserve more than one ad slot if you would like. At this time we have a max length of ad service of 4 weeks. If after 4 weeks we have an open slot available, you may continue your ad if you like.

How do I get started...

Contact us at support@raffleminer.com with the following information:
  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Title of ad (40 or less characters)
  4. Text with links of ad (200 or less characters)
  5. Desired week(s) for ad to be displayed

Once we receive your request, we will reply back with a $NANO account for you to send your payment. Once the payment is received, we will schedule the ad for display on the RaffleMiner.com homepage.